How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

Christmas ornaments for holiday party

With the holiday season upon us, a holiday party is definitely in order. Check out these tips for throwing the perfect Christmas celebration!


When hosting a holiday party, every single detail is important. Impressing your guests starts before they even arrive at the front door.

Let the first order of business be your invitations. Pick a style that fits with the party theme. You must also create a color pallet for the event and tie that in at every phase. This will help to get your visitors excited about the party, while also giving them an idea of what to expect.

Pro Tip: Be sure to inform your guests of the theme upon inviting them. This way, they can plan their wardrobe (or their dishes, if they are bringing one) accordingly.


Speaking of “dishes”, FOOD is the obvious next item on our list. It is absolutely imperative that you get the menu just right when hosting an event.

One MUST is that you have items available to accommodate everyone’s diet. There’s almost nothing worse than having a guest come over to your event and there is nothing on the menu for them to eat. A sure-fire way to combat this is by offering alternatives for the main items.

For instance, if you are having roast beef, it is a good idea to offer chicken or turkey as an alternative for guests who do not eat red meat. Also, a side salad is great if you happen to have guests who stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Pro Tip: Take things a step further with menu cards! You can send this out with the invitations to get an idea of how much of each dish you’ll need to prepare. (Or, you can simply place them at each seat at the dinner table for aesthetic appeal.)

Self-Serve Cocktail Area

Don’t spend the entire night preparing and refilling drinks. Set up a self-serve cocktail area and allow your guests to prepare their own drinks.

Or, if you can fit a bartender into the budget, go with that option instead.


There’s just something about decor that helps to set the tone for an event. For your holiday party, don’t skip out on the simple decorative touches.

For instance, if you are incorporating the color red into your theme, you can place red balloons and red ribbons in designated areas around your home. Add a special touch by covering half of the balloons with glitter, putting up a Christmas tree, and hanging a mistletoe. Love is in the air this holiday season!


What’s a party without great tunes? Compose a quick holiday playlist for your celebration. You can play festive instrumentals during dinnertime so that your guests can focus on the delicious food and great conversation. Then, take things up a notch with classic holiday favorites that will have everyone singing along. There won’t be a dull moment in sight at this event!


Your holiday party this year is sure to be the talk of the town. There is one more thing that you need to prepare you for the holiday season though – and that’s a new car from Genesis of Tuscaloosa! Add this vehicle to your Christmas list this year. You definitely won’t regret it!