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Plan a Visit to a Tuscaloosa Museum

Art gallery at a Tuscaloosa museum
If you are a history or sports enthusiast, you're definitely in the right place. Our city is home to museums where you can learn about and view historic artifacts that make us the town that we are. From Alabama Football to hands-on education for the kid, there's so much to... [read more]

Participate in these Upcoming Tuscaloosa Sports Activities

stadium for ports activities
The city of Tuscaloosa has lots of exciting sports activities underway. Given this city's history, it might not come as a surprise that there are a variety of athletic events for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. So, don't stay indoors this month. Get active and join in on what's... [read more]

New Alumni-Owned Coffee Shop Thrives in Tuscaloosa

Monarch Coffee Shop
The city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is currently raving about newly-opened coffee shop, Monarch! Monarch is a modern-themed place where the students and residents of Tuscaloosa turn to for all their coffee needs. With so few coffee shops in Tuscaloosa, the city was thrilled to find out about this beloved business.... [read more]