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Grab a Holiday Meal at One of These Local Spots

People enjoying a holiday meal
For celebrating the holidays in Tuscaloosa, AL, why not go out to eat instead of spending hours in a hot kitchen cooking? You can still enjoy a delicious holiday meal by visiting one of the locals’ favorite restaurants. While the food may not be exactly what you get at home,... [read more]

Get Festive with a DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath
A Christmas wreath is a must-have item when it comes to decorating for the holiday season. However, you don't have to go out to the store and purchase one of these festive items. You can make a beautiful, festive wreath right in the comfort of your home! Bulb Wreath Colorful lights are... [read more]

Attend the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra Christmas Celebration

Violin and piano at Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra
'Tis the season for music and cheer. It's time to get in the Christmas spirit. Start by making plans to attend the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra's Christmas Celebration. This is a holiday event that you definitely won't want to miss! About the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra The Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra has been around for... [read more]

How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

Christmas ornaments for holiday party
With the holiday season upon us, a holiday party is definitely in order. Check out these tips for throwing the perfect Christmas celebration! Invitations When hosting a holiday party, every single detail is important. Impressing your guests starts before they even arrive at the front door. Let the first order of business be... [read more]