Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy new year 2018

Happy New Year! Do you have big plans for upgrading your life this year? Are there any bad habits you’d like to kick, or even good habits that you’d like to incorporate into your daily routine? We’ve got great tips that will help you stay committed. Get ready to make your 2018 resolutions a reality!

Define Your Goals

In order to reach a goal, it must be clearly defined. Don’t just say that you’re going to do something. Think of all of the details. For instance, if you want to lose weight – decide on the amount of pounds you want to lose, what steps you’re going to take to make it happen, as well as realistic milestones and a time frame for when you plan to reach them.

Track Your Progress

Your goal must be measurable. This will help you to know where you’re going, stay motivated along the way, and be able to reflect on your step-by-step development. Additionally, this will provide you with the ability to identify when you need to adjust your efforts if something is not working.

Be Patient

Attaining your goals is not a quick-fix thing, nor is it something that will happen overnight. It is essential to have a realistic view of what you plan to achieve and the timeline for when it is possible. Putting yourself on a time crunch will only add stress, and will increase the possibility for disappointment. No one wants that.

Have an Accountability Partner

Have you tried at reach a goal multiple times, but have often found yourself falling short of the finish line? Consider asking someone to hold you accountable. They can check in with you daily and ask about your progress, as well as whether or not you are sticking to the guidelines you’ve put in place. This way, you won’t feel like you’re alone on the journey, and you’ll have someone to join you in celebrating your success at the end.

Add it to Your Schedule

We’ve all heard the phrase, “finding the time” at one point or another. However, this is a terrible mindset to have if you are serious about your New Year’s Resolutions. You don’t want to “find” the time – you want to MAKE having the time a priority. Plan for your goal and put it on your schedule. Set out time to work on it, and make this a non-negotiable item on your to-do list. When you are serious and you prioritize with your goal in mind, reaching it will be a breeze!

Don’t Give Up!

No matter how tough things may get, never give up. This journey may not be an easy one, but it will definitely be worth it. Just think of how happy you will be once you look back at the end of this year and realize that you conquered everything you set out to achieve. Keep pushing! The time will pass anyway – So, why not improve yourself and move closer to your dreams with each passing day?


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