Places to Find Delicious Steak in Tuscaloosa

Beef steak dinner

When you go out for steak, you expect to enjoy a delicious cut of meat that is cooked to perfection. Unfortunately, some steakhouses don’t deliver. Avoid falling victim to the steakhouse blues by going to one of these places. They have delicious steak options to offer Tuscaloosa, and you don’t want to miss out.

R. Davidson Chop House

Davidson Chop House knows how to make a steak. They accommodate any requests, and the steaks are so perfectly seasoned that you won’t want to swallow your bite. You will want to let it sit in your mouth and keep chewing so that you can savor the flavors even longer! You’re going to come for the steak, of course. However, be sure to add one extra item to your order, and that’s anything with crab. You know how most restaurants use a ton of filler when they make crab cakes and other items? That’s not the case here. The chefs at R. Davidson Chop House are heavy with the crab, creating the perfect complement to the steak. Consider starting with a crab-filled appetizer and move onto a perfectly seasoned steak. That doesn’t sound like a bad way to eat a meal, does it?

Nick’s Original Filet House

Nick’s Original Filet House is living proof that you don’t need white tablecloths and waiters in tuxedos to have an amazing steak-eating experience. You might be surprised when you walk in and notice the rustic setting, but don’t let it stop you. Grab a seat in one of the vinyl chairs and then place your order. You can’t go wrong with any of the steaks or other options on the menu. However, when it comes to sides, it’s a must that you try the onion rings. These hand-battered rings are a local favorite! Just one tip if you’re going to Nick’s: Arrive early or get ready to wait. It might be casual, but this is where the locals go for their steaks, and it’s not unusual to see people waiting outside the door.

301 Bistro, Bar, and Beer Garden

Everything you need to know about the 301 Bistro, Bar, and Beer Garden can be summed up in three little words: blackened ribeye steak. This steak is to die for. It is so tender that it feels like it’s melting in your mouth. Plus, it’s huge! You’ll be happy about the size since you will probably want to take some home and eat it later. If you are a ribeye lover, you need to stop what you are doing and head straight to this restaurant, today!

After reading this, your stomach is probably growling, and you can’t wait to get something to eat. You just have one stop to make before you get your steak, though. Stop by Genesis of Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and get a luxury vehicle to go with your tasty meal. Our professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that you leave satisfied.