What It’s Like Behind the Wheel of the 2017 Genesis G90 3.3T AWD

2017 Genesis G90 3.3T
The 2017 Genesis G90 is the flagship of the new Genesis luxury lineup, which used to be a sub-brand of Hyundai. It is more than a worthy replacement for the former Hyundai Equus. Genesis is now its own brand, and its flagship is filled with high-end materials and features that... [read more]

Drive Your Genesis to the Tuscaloosa Painting Exhibition

Painting Exhibition
If you are a lover of all things art then the Painting Exhibition is just the thing for you. There will be displays of art ranging from the famous paintings to drawings and sketches. No matter what kind of art you are interested in, this event is for you and... [read more]

How the 2017 Genesis G80 Keeps You Safe

Genesis G80
Staying safe in Tuscaloosa is easy with some help from the Hyundai Genesis G80. As a luxury vehicle, you can count on the G80 to offer the latest features from comfort to safety. With a wide range of driver assistance and safety features, this Genesis reduces the risk of a... [read more]

Come to the Echoes Along the Border Exhibit in January

echoes on the syrian border
Art has a lot of interesting ways to connect people through experiences. It can represent things to different people and bring up emotions that are unexpected. The Echoes Along the Border Exhibit explores this concept in offering visuals that represent warfare and the effects it has on people. It is... [read more]

2017 Genesis G90 3.3 T Premium vs 5.0 Ultimate: A Trim Comparison

2017 Genesis G90 Powertrains
The 2017 Genesis G90 has arrived, and now you can enjoy all of the luxuries it offers on your daily drives around Tuscaloosa. There are two main trim levels on the G90, each of which is available with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, so you can easily find exactly... [read more]

Amazing Skills You Can Learn in an Hour!

Amazing Skills You Can Learn in an Hour Tuscaloosa
There are many things you can learn to do in an hour, and each one of them will help you pick up a skill in just an hour. That is as long as it takes for your lunch break Learn to Code You can learn basic coding from websites online. Basic HTML is... [read more]

How Many Legos Are Needed to Build a Car?

Amazing Lego Creations Tuscaloosa
Do you have an insane love for Legos? Lego’s are amazing because they seem to capture the hearts of children and adults, that is until someone steps on one in the dark! The amazing thing about Lego’s and building blocks like them is that the possibilities for what someone can... [read more]

New Drool-worthy Restaurants in T-town

New Restaurants in Tuscaloosa 2016
Since the devastating tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa in 2011, T-town has rebuilt and grown tremendously. Stores and restaurants that were destroyed have been rebuilt and many new businesses and restaurants have set up shop in Tuscaloosa turning a horrible disaster into an instrument of prosperity, growth, and community. River River opened in Tuscaloosa... [read more]

Moving? Find out What Valuables You Should Pack in Your Car!

Moving is incredibly stressful, and lets face it, there is a lot of moving in and out of Tuscaloosa each year. You spend hours trying to find the perfect place for your family, and you are trying to keep everything straight. The worst part about moving is ensuring that all... [read more]

Apps to Help with Your Grocery List

Grocery Shopping Apps Tuscaloosa
Everyone seems to be busier and busier each year, which can sometimes make simple things like meal planning or grocery shopping seem overwhelming. Luckily, even though life has become more fast-paced it has also become much more connected. You may not think that your smartphone or tablet have much use... [read more]