Join in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Krispy Kreme Challenge

Big Brothers Big Sisters Krispy Kreme Challenge Tuscaloosa
The family has always been a very important aspect of everyone's lives, although some of the people in the world aren't fortunate enough to have their own brothers and sisters. That is where the Big Brothers Big Sisters come into play. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a trustable organization that... [read more]

Springtime Projects & Events for Seniors in Tuscaloosa

Living in Tuscaloosa as a senior can be a great place to be in the springtime. The colors outside begin to come back, and the weather warms back up calling for people to get back outside. There are so many activities you can do in the spring as a senior,... [read more]

Styling Elements That Set the Genesis G80 Apart

Genesis G80
The 2017 Genesis G80 is a truly styling sedan packed with luxury and eye-catching elements. The exterior showcases an athletic feel and muscular stance that gives the impression of movement whether the G80 is actually standing still. Throw in some premium lighting and high-quality interior features, and you have the... [read more]

Convenience and Technology in the 2017 Genesis G80

Technology in the G80
Driving the 2017 Genesis G80 puts a range of convenience and technology right at your fingertips. Everything about the G80 was designed to make driving around Tuscaloosa a more pleasant experience, adding comfort or simply making life easier. Driver Information System Convenience and technology become one with the Driver Information System and... [read more]

Drive Your Genesis to the Farmer’s Market in T-Town

Farmers Market
Farmer’s markets are becoming very popular because of the drive to continue to eat healthy in a country that seems to be headed the opposite direction. More and more farmer’s markets continue to pop up to satisfy this want for fresh foods. Find out about a local farmer’s market that... [read more]

Luxury Features in the 2017 Genesis G90

The 2017 Genesis G90 was designed with luxury in mind. So, it should come as no surprise that it is packed with features that help it stand out from the crowd. The G90 has premium touches everywhere you look, from convenience to infotainment to safety to materials. Here are just... [read more]

What It’s Like Behind the Wheel of the 2017 Genesis G90 3.3T AWD

2017 Genesis G90 3.3T
The 2017 Genesis G90 is the flagship of the new Genesis luxury lineup, which used to be a sub-brand of Hyundai. It is more than a worthy replacement for the former Hyundai Equus. Genesis is now its own brand, and its flagship is filled with high-end materials and features that... [read more]

Drive Your Genesis to the Tuscaloosa Painting Exhibition

Painting Exhibition
If you are a lover of all things art then the Painting Exhibition is just the thing for you. There will be displays of art ranging from the famous paintings to drawings and sketches. No matter what kind of art you are interested in, this event is for you and... [read more]

How the 2017 Genesis G80 Keeps You Safe

Genesis G80
Staying safe in Tuscaloosa is easy with some help from the Hyundai Genesis G80. As a luxury vehicle, you can count on the G80 to offer the latest features from comfort to safety. With a wide range of driver assistance and safety features, this Genesis reduces the risk of a... [read more]

Come to the Echoes Along the Border Exhibit in January

echoes on the syrian border
Art has a lot of interesting ways to connect people through experiences. It can represent things to different people and bring up emotions that are unexpected. The Echoes Along the Border Exhibit explores this concept in offering visuals that represent warfare and the effects it has on people. It is... [read more]