Adults Survival Guide to Living in a College Town

Adults Guide to Living in a College Town Tuscaloosa
If you're an adult living in a college town in Tuscaloosa, AL, the key to survival is mastering the atmosphere. Sure, you may be a working professional, with little time for friends, parties, and pizza, but there are other hidden perks. Your circumstances may vary depending on, if you're living in... [read more]

Your Travel Guide to See Alabama at the Peach Bowl

Peach Bowl 2016
The Crimson Tide will be heading to what seems like an annual reservation for the the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. This National Title game is the best way that many Alabama fans can imagine spending their New Years Eve. Held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, there is still time... [read more]

The History Behind the Houndstooth Hat

The History Behind the Houndstooth Hat Tuscaloosa
There are two hats that will stand head and shoulders above all others in sports. Tom Landry's grey dress hat and the houndstooth hat of Bear Bryant. He wore is on the sidelines for decades, and it has defined a trend that is used to this day. History of the Iconic... [read more]

What Expect When You Drive the 2017 Genesis G80

The 2017 Genesis G80 is an extraordinary new addition to the new line up of luxury vehicles. Not only does it feature the latest in safety, but it allows you to sit back and enjoy a thrilling drive with an updated powertrain. This is the perfect time to invest in... [read more]

5 Hidden Gems in Tuscaloosa

City Cafe
Tuscaloosa is very well known for its football, but there are whole other sides to the town that rarely get any attention. The North River area is often overlooked, but has some cool venues and reasons to visit. Get away from the crowd and discover a side of Tuscaloosa that... [read more]

Locally Owned Restaurants in Tuscaloosa That You Have to Try

These local eateries in Tuscaloosa are all known to satisfy taste buds. If you’ve never been to these locations then it is time to try them and really get a taste of Tuscaloosa with all it has to offer. Any of these options are sure to leave you wanting more.... [read more]

Join Us for the 41st Annual Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade
The 41st Annual West Alabama Christmas Parade is well underway in preparation. Come out on December 5th at 6:30 in downtown Tuscaloosa to enjoy all of the festivities hosted by PARA. The theme this year is Home for the Holidays, and will feature floats from all over. Take Part in the... [read more]

Some of the Best December Events in Tuscaloosa

Downtown Tuscaloosa
This December, there will be a lot of events going on in Tuscaloosa that you won’t want to miss out on. Prepare for Christmas with you community as it fast approaches and festivities begin. Take a look at all of the events coming up, and pick your favorites to attend. A... [read more]

Great Tuscaloosa Events for the Remainder of October There is plenty going on for the remainder of this month in Tuscaloosa. Come out and enjoy all of these Tuscaloosa events near your city before the month is over. No matter what you’re looking for there is an event to fit what you want. Here is a list of... [read more]

The Genesis G90 vs. The BMW 7-Series

The 2017 Genesis G90 is making amazing comparisons to other luxury sedans in its range, especially when it comes to the BMW 7-series. Both have very sleek and slim designs with interiors aimed towards a thrilling driving experience that is led by comfort and control. The differences they do have,... [read more]