Make the Drive to Birmingham to See Gladys Knight

Women in an audience enjoying a concert

You don’t need to take a midnight train to Georgia to see the legendary Gladys Knight perform. You just need to hop in your car and head to the BJCC in Birmingham on June 17th to see the show. If you have never seen Gladys Knight perform live, this is a must-see. You will be blown away when you hear her sing in person. Make sure to get your tickets while they’re still available. Don’t expect the tickets to be available at the door for this hot show.

About the Concert

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gladys Knight’s current tour is getting amazing reviews. First, she’s incredibly personable. She actually takes time between songs to talk with the audience, so you will feel as if you are a part of the event. She strives to get a real connection with her audience, and that will make the concert even more enjoyable.

On top of that, Gladys branches out a bit from her usual material. Yes, she still plays the hits, but she also lets her backup singers take the lead and do some Prince songs. This is a really cool moment during the concert. You will love listening to songs from Prince, and you’ll also be surprised by her backup singers’ talent level. Some of these people will definitely find a way to take center stage at some point. They bring down the house when they get their moment to shine.

Here’s something else that is great about the concert. There isn’t an opening act. Let’s be honest for a second. Opening acts are kind of a drag, especially when you’re going to see someone as big as Gladys Knight. You don’t want to wait for her to come on. You want to get right to the main event, and you can do just that when you go this concert. Then, when she does take the stage, you can expect around 90 minutes of music and talking.

She Still Has It

As you probably know, Gladys Knight has been making amazing music for many years. Well, the woman still has it. She has the same stellar range that made her famous, and her vocals are as full and beautiful as ever. She knows how to play off the acoustics at a concert hall and give an amazing performance.

You do not want to miss this concert, so you need to make sure your transportation can get you there. Upgrade your vehicle with a new Genesis from Genesis of Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You will turn heads when you pull up at the BJCC in Birmingham on the night of the concert. In fact, you will turn heads everywhere you go!