Helpful Tips to Jumpstart College Planning

Student at college

It’s the last month of Summer and school is right around the corner. No matter where you or your child chooses to attend college, it is vital to be 100% prepared for all the responsibilities it comes with. Read about these helpful tips to mentally and physically prepare oneself for the next four years!

A Whole New World

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, college is a new start for everyone. It truly is a whole new world, so brace yourselves for new beginnings! It is a time where everything is going to be different; a major life transition. College is full of good and bad experience – but we live and we learn, so rememeber not to be too hard on yourself.

For most people, college will also be the first time living with out the rules of parents, being separated from friends. Prepare for this life transition with a mental tactic. You may be uncomfortable or even scared at first, but always keep an open mind to everything and know that things will take time to fall into place. When having patience and being open, who knows all the people and opportunities you could come across!

Prepare Yourself

The key to preparing for college is to plan, plan, plan! Get yourself a nice planner and USE IT. Click here for a list of efficient planners. Do not wait until the last minute to figure out your class schedule, living situation, etc. Especially if you’re living with a roommate, be respectable and clean up after yourself. No one likes to be the messy roommate!

Time management is also a very important skill to obtain in college. From the busy schedules, overwhelming classes, and trying to keep up with your social life, it all is going to feel hard to keep up with. Try new things, but don’t overcommit yourself and know your limits! Take it easy; everything in this stage of life takes time getting used to. By becoming an organized person before you start college, things will become a breeze for you in no time!

Mapping Out Your Future

If you have no idea what your major is going to be or what you want to do in the future, it would be a smart move to plan an appointment with an advisor once school starts. No one expects you to know what exactly you want to do with your life this early, so there is no pressure. (If you do though, that’s great!) Students should be thinking and having open minds about potential career goals to consider. With planning out possibilities, registering for your college classes might be a little easier. Discover your strengths, weakness, and interests during the Summer. Then map out your future with an advisor within the first semester or at least bounce around some ideas!

Click here to explore possible college majors.

Keep the Motivation

Another factor prior to starting college would have to be getting excited! You should be looking forward to starting another chapter of your life. Cherish the moments you have left with your friends and family, because the time will come before you know it. With the motivation of college, seniors have prepared for and done well in high school. Now that your time has come, stay motivated all through college! There can be many distractions on a college campus, so remember the big picture. Keep your priorities straight, attend every class, be on your best behavior, and try your best. It’s going to be the best four years of your life!


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