Great Apps that Can Help You Stay Organized

Woman using a smartphone's apps

Do you have big plans for the new year? Improve your chances of achieving your goals by becoming more organized! It has been proven that organization plays a vital role in conquering your task list. So, get started by downloading these apps, and get ready to have the best year yet!


Store and share your files easily with Dropbox. This application allows you to keep track of your files, documents, photos, and videos by organizing and housing them in one place. Do you have large files? No problem. Dropbox can handle it. You can send files of almost any size to whomever you please, whether they are currently using the Dropbox app or not. Plus, your documents are automatically backed up, so losing track of important items is a thing of the past.


Connect and synchronize your apps with IFTTT (If This Then That). This system connects almost 300 different applications, including Spotify, Instagram, FitBit and Google Drive. You can also use IF for cataloging emails and tracking visits to special locations (i.e., the gym).


Do you have lots and lots of passwords and you struggle to keep track of them all? No worries – LastPass has got you covered! This app stores all of your usernames and password securely, and also autofills your information to speed up the process of completing repetitive forms. To operate, all you have to do is sort through your stored accounts which are located within organized folders. Then, obtain access to your accounts using TouchID or with one master password. You can also share your information with family or friends in case of an emergency.


This app is just like having a personal assistant, right in the palm of your hand! 24me is a smart, automatic task handler that enables you to tackle your to-do list with ease. In fact, the app allows you to store your to-do lists, calendar, personal accounts, and notes in one place. Therefore, you can take a better look at what you have to take on each day and can develop a proper method of handling what you have planned.


Creatives, rejoice! You can have all of your creations in one place with Evernote. This app syncs your sketches, PDFs, audio recordings, videos, and text. Therefore, you have easy access to everything that you need. Do you have documents that need scanning? No problem. Quickly scan them using your smartphone’s camera. Also, if you are working on a project with a group, you can easily share ideas and annotate images. So, providing feedback is a piece of cake!


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