1818 to Present: Fun Facts about the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama is a public university located in Tuscaloosa, AL. It was first established in December of 1820, and eventually opened in April of 1831. The school currently has over 35,000 students who attend. It is one of the most famous universities in the nation! Read below to discover a multitude of fun and interesting facts about the University.

When The School Was Being Built Tuscaloosa Was The Capital

When the University of Alabama was first being built and established Tuscaloosa was the Capitol of Alabama and remained the Capitol until 1846 when it was changed to Montgomery.

First To Offer Engineering Classes

The University of Alabama was the first school in the state to offer engineering classes (in 1936). At the time only four other schools in the nation offered engineering classes.

Phi Beta Kappa Established

In 1850 the states Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established.

1912 The First Band Formed

In 1912, with only 14 members, the first University of Alabama Band was formed. Over the years there were many changes to the band. In 1917 it became a military band led by students until 1927. Now known as the “Million Dollar Band” the band has grown substantially from the original 14 members!

University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Tuscaloosa

The Graduate School Was Established

In 1924 the University of Alabama’s graduate school was officially established.

Many Rhodes Scholars

In the year 2000, an English major named Bradley Tuggle was appointed the University’s 15th Rhodes Scholar.

Alumnus Pilots Space Shuttle

In 2001 the University of Alabama’s alumnus Lieutenant Colonel Jim Kelly piloted a Discovery space shuttle mission.

Large Collection Of African American Art

In 2008 art collector Paul R. Jones donated more than 4 million dollars worth of art to the University. There were more than 1,700 pieces and the collection included some of the most sought-after African-American art in the world.

Although there are many great and exciting facts about the University of Alabama, these are just a few of the top ones. All of these great facts and bits of information have helped to make the university one of the top universities in the world over the last few years.