Craving Sweets? Visit These Birmingham Candy Shops!

Candy in candy store

The city of Birmingham has some treats that will be sure have to you coming back for more this fall. There are no tricks to be played. The only trick will be on yourself if you don’t pay these excellent candy stores a visit this October. Do yourself a favor and give your sweet tooth the satisfaction it deserves at the locations listed below.

The Birmingham Candy Company

After you stop by Railroad Park, an air-conditioned revamped shipping container will probably catch your attention. Your attention is well placed, for it is the Birmingham Candy Company who is open on the weekends from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Try out their truffles, pralines, pecan clusters, chocolate covered Oreos, caramel apples, rice crispy treats, chocolate-coated chunks of caramel, and a plethora of other unique treats up hidden up their sleeves. It is highly recommended that you try out their chocolate options first, as reviews suggest they are king in this area being their expertise.

In particular, the chocolate praline and the dark chocolate sea salt truffle should be the first items that you order. No doubt about it, you should get your candy fix at Birmingham Candy Company this weekend or the next time you decide to stop by Birmingham.


What better way to get some sweet other than Sugar itself? Sugar in Birmingham has an irresistible array of edible sweets that is self-service and only charges you by the pound! M&M, Skittles, Gummies, and other brands are available in any in color or flavor that you desire.

This establishment is geared towards the younger crowd and is a great place to take children for a treat after an accomplishment. They have plenty of Sour Belts, and there are lots of goodies in various heights and several different colors for filling your candy cylinders.

The shop’s owner does the operations, stockings, and cashier duties. Not surprising, Sugar’s owner has made way for a very clean, well run, and customer-centric experience that invokes a friendly atmosphere that you will never forget. Sugar is open Monday-Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Start planning your visit, today!


If you desire divine chocolate, then Chocolata in the heart of Birmingham is the place to go. This cany shop uses ethically sourced chocolate that is pure from Latin American farms. It is owned by Kathy D’Agostino, who learned the art of being a chocolatier working as a young girl many years ago. Being very creative, she has many different options for chocolate lovers alike to get their chocolate fix.

It is definitely recommended that you try out their sea salt caramel rosemary flavor. This treat is sure to give you an out of this world experience. Chocolata is open Wednesday through Saturday. After just one visit, you’ll soon be planning your next.


Stop by Birmingham this weekend and try these candy shops. Be sure to have a budget, as they are sure to have you spending what you did not intend to with their delicious treats. When you come back to Tuscaloosa, we have some treats for you back at Genesis of Tuscaloosa. Our experts will be sure to take care of any of your automotive needs. You can drive off in a sweet ride to make your next trip to Birmingham’s candy shop an even sweeter experience. See you soon!