Annie is Bringing Smiles to the Bama Theatre!

Red Stage Curtain for Annie Musical performance

“Annie” is one of the most popular and beloved Broadway musicals of all time. If you want to retreat to the incredible world of this spirited character, you should check out Annie at the historic Bama Theatre. This show has been a major success internationally for decades, and it’s not expected to lose steam anytime soon!

Performance Details

If you want to catch this show, you simply have to head to the Bama Theatre June 2nd – 4th. Performances of the musical begin either at 2:00 PM or 7:30 PM depending on the date you attend. Ticket prices are anywhere between $12 and $20.

The Classic Tale of Annie

Annie is an orphan who has the ability to captivate everyone she comes across. She has humble beginnings and a heart of gold. The backdrop of the musical is New York, New York during the 1930’s. Annie’s goal is to track down the parents who left her when she was small. They left her all alone in front of an orphanage in the Big Apple. The orphanage wasn’t just any standard orphanage, however. Miss Hannigan was its head. She was a miserable and unpleasant person who tried to make life awful for everyone else around her. During the performance, Annie’s orphanage pals aid her in her quest to get out. This gives her the opportunity to get lost in the excitement of the big city. Annie eventually meets a wealthy man named Olivier Warbucks, and her life is changed forever.

Purchase Tickets

If you want to enjoy this performance at the Bama Theatre, you can easily buy tickets for the musical online. Simply access the Bama Theatre website to do so. You can also contact the performing arts center via email for answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

This musical is everything you could ever possibly want. It’s full of charm, determination, and spirit. It’s a truly heartwarming classic that you’ll never forget. You definitely don’t want to miss this performance. If you are in need of a quality vehicle to get you there, look no further. Find the transportation you need at Genesis of Tuscaloosa. With a vehicle from our dealership, you are sure to arrive at the show in style.