The Genesis G90 vs. The BMW 7-Series

2017 Genesis G90 Interior

The 2017 Genesis G90 is making amazing comparisons to other luxury sedans in its range, especially when it comes to the BMW 7-series. Both have very sleek and slim designs with interiors aimed towards a thrilling driving experience that is led by comfort and control. The differences they do have, however, are what determine which mid-sized sedan is better.

Power and Safety

Both cars have top safety functions, but it takes a lot of upgrading to get the most safety out of your BMW 7-series. The 7-series also fails to offer a rear side airbag, which takes away from the safety for rear passengers. You get more for your money when you invest in the 2017 Genesis G90, which makes it win in this category. The engines are close in comparison, but there are differences that are important. The BMW has less horsepower than the Genesis which has 365. The Genesis is also 6 cylinders giving it more power in pretty much every area when compared to the 4 cylinders the BMW has. The BMW can’t compare unless you invest in a top model that goes way out of the price range of the Genesis.


When it comes to luxury, one of the most important aspects is the comfort of the driver and passengers. Aside from how thrilling and safe the car is you want to know that the vehicle will match your comfort needs. Both cars have leather seats that have multiple options to how you position it in order to maximize comfort. They both cater to the back seat passengers in ways not yet seen. It is almost more desirable to sit in the back than anywhere else. A huge factor when it comes to comfort is the legroom. No matter how tall you are you want a lot of legroom so you can spread out and stretch with ease without feeling cramped. The G90 has more legroom for the driver and passenger but with the cost of less legroom for the back seat, which the 7-series has more of. The G90 has more cargo space as well, so you sacrifice less cabin space if you run out of space in the trunk.

Our Top Pick: The 2017 Genesis G90

To get more for your money the G90 is recommended. The BMW comes with a lot of the same features, but it takes a lot of upgrading to get it to that point. Genesis has stepped up its game with the newest releases and is beating its competitors because of all the amazing features it offers at such a low price. Take advantage of the 2017 models and invest in a new G90. Visit Genesis of Tuscaloosa today to view all of our options.