The 2017 Genesis G80 VS. The 2017 Cadillac CTS

2017 Genesis G80

The 2017 Genesis G80 and the Cadillac CTS are two of the biggest competitors when it comes to mid-size luxury sedans. Both are around the same price range and seem to be neck to neck in most areas. There are differences, however, that needed to be pointed out that differentiate the two cars so you can know which is the better one for you. Let’s discuss the Genesis G80 and the Cadillac CTS.

Between the Two Models

Both cars have high ratings among customers, but they both make arguments for quality in different areas. The G80 is valued highly and has some of the most advanced safety features while the CTS has a more sporty drive and a sharp style. However, with the highest price for the Genesis being the base price for the Cadillac, the G80 is hard to beat. The Genesis is a new name, but the model has been under Hyundai since 2015, and has been a top pick since its release. Cadillac has been around for a long time, and the new CTS has a very appealing and sharp design to it. Both models are very enticing, and seem to have all the luxury you need, but the G80 takes things a step further with the price.

Under the Hood

The CTS has a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 that makes 268 horsepower. This seems a bit under marketed, so it is recommended that the smoother 3.6 liter V-6 upgrade be added if you decide to purchase this vehicle. There are also a lot of other options in engines that make this car even more powerful and smoother. The G80 has a base at 3.8-liter V-6 with 311 horsepower. This being the base engine for this model makes it a better choice between the two. They both are automatic and shift smoothly, but when it comes to price value it is hard to beat the G80.

The Feel of the Drive

When it comes to handling, the G80 has a huge advantage. It is not a sports sedan, but it has upgraded its ride in all the areas we expected from the older models. The rear-wheel-drive allows for smoother and better steering than the CTS. The CTS feels more like a sports sedan, but you don’t get the same control and ride as the G80 unless you make serious upgrades, which bring the CTS to a much higher price than the G80.

Comfort and Safety

The 2017 Genesis G80 takes a step ahead in comfort as well. With more rear passenger comfort options and more leg room it makes for one of the most comfortable cars to date. The seats in the G80 also conform to the most precise seating position you need for your comfort where the CTS doesn’t have many options. The G80 also has one of the best records in crash data than any car to date. It aced federal and IIHS testing giving it a top safety pick. The CTS had good records, but nowhere near the G80. The Genesis not only wins in safety, but when it comes to features overall it wins with its base price including so many features that usually aren’t expected. The CTS includes a lot of awesome features as well, but only with a lot of upgrades.

Our Top Pick: the 2017 Genesis G80

It is pretty clear that the G80 wins here. Both are very impressive cars and include some of the best and most advanced features that have ever been seen, but the G80 takes the extra step in almost every area making it better and cheaper between the two. Make an investment in the G80 today. Stop by Genesis of Tuscaloosa and view all of our options including brand new G80s.